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Instructional Books on How to Assemble a Table Tennis Table

If you love table tennis like some of us love books, then you must have looked for books guiding players on how to assemble a table tennis table. Playing tennis is fun, but it will be funnier to know how to play and assemble the table as well.

On this page, I have listed various instructional books on how to assemble a table tennis table, together with their authors.

  1. The table tennis playbook ( Ben Larcombe) – Alongside publishing this book in 2013, the author went an extra mile to create an eBook for his readers. This book is all about how to effectively assemble the table tennis table and the best service and receive drills. If you love this book, it’s absolutely free, and it’s completely packed with the table tennis assembling tactics all the relevant exercises that will help you boost your table tennis matches alongside developing your tactics.
  2. Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice ( Mathew Syed) – This was among the most popular instructional book on table tennis in 2018. Being the former expert table tennis player, Mathew investigates the myth of talent as well as the power of practice by use of examples from his past experiences as a table tennis player. The book has greatly inspired many people whose aim is to invest in table tennis playing career and even coaches. It gives a very clear guide on how to assemble the game and the tactics to use for one to enjoy it. In fact, it’s difficult to come across a table tennis instructional book with inspiring examples like this mainstream instructional book.
  3. Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers (Larry Hodges) – If you were to believe what is said about playing table tennis, you are most likely to believe the story being told by the coach himself. Having been written by a coach, this is the only instructional book that focuses on assembling tactics of the game. Larry has been a table tennis coach for long, which has equipped him with a wealth of experience on all parts of the game, from assembling the table to the game itself. If you have had a vision of possessing the strokes and techniques of assembling the table tennis table and becoming a top player, Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers will be the perfect book for you.
  4. Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros (Dora Kurimay) – This is one of the greatest books that look at the mental abilities one needs to become a table tennis pro. In her book, Kurimy says that a successful table tennis player starts on the table assembling, before moving on to playing the game. She emphasizes on the point that we often forget on the mental aspects of table tennis and focus more on other elements such as the speed, techniques, and spinning. The book mainly focuses on how to assemble the table tennis table like a pro. This is definitely a must read a book for those wishing to become professional table tennis players.
  5. Ping Pong for fighters (Tahl Leibovitz) – Would you like to know how to play the ping pong warm-up game like professional? Then this is the perfect book for you. It’s all about the different aspects that are attached to table tennis. The best thing in it is that the reader learns through Tahl’s 20 years experience in playing table tennis. He writes it in a conversation style, which makes it more helpful in directing you through table tennis philosophy.

The Best Ping Pong and Table Tennis Magazine

Ping pong, otherwise known as table tennis, is a popular indoor sport that is enjoyed by many people around the world from entertainment clubs, general school rooms, etc. Ping pong is like tennis in players on the opposite side of the ping pong table. Hit the forward and backward ball in the grid. But similarities end there where table tennis is played on the tabletop instead of a solid court, and hence the name is “Table Tennis”. To enjoy The Best The Best Ping Pong and Table Tennis Magazine, you will need a ping pong ball, net, ping pong table, and paddle. Below are some rules to ping pong and table tennis techniques to dominate the competition.

In Ping Pong game, the first player has reached 21 points. However, a player behind the opponent is 21 points with less than two points, than you should release a player playing behind a clear opponent on a bullet opponent, and at this point that the winner of the player has been declared.
To start the point, the server serves the ball with the paddle next to the opponent’s ping pong table. If the server fails to deliver the ball to the ball, either by serving the ball in the grid or serving it, the point goes to the opponent. Once the ball is played the player can score points. Players must hit the ball back to the table opponents. A player fails to return the ball towards an opponent either by keeping the ball on the ball or hit, the point goes to the opponent.

To start a point with the service, the table tennis server has an angle of at least 6 inches, and when the server hits, the ball hits the pedal. Before crossing the grid, the server portion of the table must first be hit before the serviced ball rebounds for the second time in favor of the opponent.
Ping Pong Toys can be played in the form of single and double games. In the doubles game, an additional rule is that the ball should be presented in a diagonally opposite area If the server fails to work on the Qatar area on the opposite side, then the opponent gets this point.

We now reach the basic content requirements. As long as you can move up and down from several groups of stairs without being reduced to a little bit of jogging, and wheezing from time to time, you will be fine. The average person can access Ping Pong quickly. Ping Pong’s most important physical factors are rapid responses, thin wrists, and good balance. Of course, if you have two different legs than this is a different story … otherwise, if your balance and your responses are decent than you will.

Apart from the physical needs, there is a simple mental need for Ping Pong – stay calm and make plans. Like a good fencing, Ping Pong needs a quick brain to go with a quick reflection. It is not enough to be able to stop every shot made by your opponent. You should be able to send the ball angle to it and plan a step or two points each time to know where planning will be an opponent of your opponent’s shot. They are forced to single-shot, their opponent and a special physical mode for a particular angle. An angle who can not reach their opponents on time because they are unable to cope with it.

Facts and Myths About Physical Health

Optimal physical health is something all people are aiming for. With a never-ending demand for great health, a lot of facts and myths are always floated around by experts and non-experts alike. If you are following a healthy routine that covers physical activity and nutrition, you better make sure that the tenets you follow hold water. Otherwise, many people have pegged their entire health beliefs on myths. Knowing the facts will help debunk the common myths about physical health. The following is a look at the top myths on physical health that you must be aware of:

– Milk promotes good health in every person
This is not factual at all All mammals do feed their young ones with milk; however, the milk is genetically made to suit every mammal and their respective babies. Most humans will consume milk from cows and other animals like goats. A huge chunk of people cannot digest lactose which is the protein found in milk. Everyone with lactose intolerance can therefore not benefit from the health offerings of milk. Therefore, milk can be counterproductive in people who do not have the tolerance leading to autoimmune disorders. It is safe to say that milk is not healthy for all people. It is actually harmful to those who do not carry the gene for lactose tolerance.


– You must detox your body with a juice to be healthy
The word detox has been used for a very long time in a very casual way by many. First, your body is already fitted with organs that work to remove all toxins from your body naturally. If you want to add more nutrients and reduce calories, you can consider adding a healthy fruit and vegetable juice in your diet. Otherwise, you really do not need a detox juice. If for example you are considering a pickle juice weight loss regimen, this is great. However, this juice will work by supplying less calories to your body and more nutrients. You can also benefit from more fiber to aid digestion. Choose the low sodium option to get the best results. All in all, juices do help in some ways but not removing toxins.


– You must drink eight glasses of water daily to be healthy
Most people actually believe this myth. Drinking enough water every single day is good. But there are no proven facts to support that you need eight glasses of water. Experts who have looked into this myth say that daily water needs will vary from person to person. In addition, animals (and humans) have in-built signals to inform them when they need to take water to keep hydration in check. This signal is called thirst. Therefore, you do not have to force a number of glasses of water in your body. When the body detects dehydration in the offing, you will feel the urge to drink water; hence tackling dehydration.


– Missing breakfast will make you gain weight
Many people think that missing breakfast is the worst thing they can do; especially when looking to cut weight. It turns out that there are no supporting facts for this belief. New studies have found no relationship between missing breakfast and weight gain. This can only leave one question; which meal is the most important and when should you have your first meal of the day? The simple answer to this question is that you should eat whenever you are hungry. Another quick myth to bust is that Garbs make you fat. The truth is that excess carbs are responsible for weight gain. Therefore, no matter your eating time, make sure to avoid MSG.

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