Facts and Myths About Physical Health

Optimal physical health is something all people are aiming for. With a never-ending demand for great health, a lot of facts and myths are always floated around by experts and non-experts alike. If you are following a healthy routine that covers physical activity and nutrition, you better make sure that the tenets you follow hold water. Otherwise, many people have pegged their entire health beliefs on myths. Knowing the facts will help debunk the common myths about physical health. The following is a look at the top myths on physical health that you must be aware of:

– Milk promotes good health in every person
This is not factual at all All mammals do feed their young ones with milk; however, the milk is genetically made to suit every mammal and their respective babies. Most humans will consume milk from cows and other animals like goats. A huge chunk of people cannot digest lactose which is the protein found in milk. Everyone with lactose intolerance can therefore not benefit from the health offerings of milk. Therefore, milk can be counterproductive in people who do not have the tolerance leading to autoimmune disorders. It is safe to say that milk is not healthy for all people. It is actually harmful to those who do not carry the gene for lactose tolerance.


– You must detox your body with a juice to be healthy
The word detox has been used for a very long time in a very casual way by many. First, your body is already fitted with organs that work to remove all toxins from your body naturally. If you want to add more nutrients and reduce calories, you can consider adding a healthy fruit and vegetable juice in your diet. Otherwise, you really do not need a detox juice. If for example you are considering a pickle juice weight loss regimen, this is great. However, this juice will work by supplying less calories to your body and more nutrients. You can also benefit from more fiber to aid digestion. Choose the low sodium option to get the best results. All in all, juices do help in some ways but not removing toxins.


– You must drink eight glasses of water daily to be healthy
Most people actually believe this myth. Drinking enough water every single day is good. But there are no proven facts to support that you need eight glasses of water. Experts who have looked into this myth say that daily water needs will vary from person to person. In addition, animals (and humans) have in-built signals to inform them when they need to take water to keep hydration in check. This signal is called thirst. Therefore, you do not have to force a number of glasses of water in your body. When the body detects dehydration in the offing, you will feel the urge to drink water; hence tackling dehydration.


– Missing breakfast will make you gain weight
Many people think that missing breakfast is the worst thing they can do; especially when looking to cut weight. It turns out that there are no supporting facts for this belief. New studies have found no relationship between missing breakfast and weight gain. This can only leave one question; which meal is the most important and when should you have your first meal of the day? The simple answer to this question is that you should eat whenever you are hungry. Another quick myth to bust is that Garbs make you fat. The truth is that excess carbs are responsible for weight gain. Therefore, no matter your eating time, make sure to avoid MSG.