Instructional Books on How to Assemble a Table Tennis Table

If you love table tennis like some of us love books, then you must have looked for books guiding players on how to assemble a table tennis table. Playing tennis is fun, but it will be funnier to know how to play and assemble the table as well.

On this page, I have listed various instructional books on how to assemble a table tennis table, together with their authors.

  1. The table tennis playbook ( Ben Larcombe) – Alongside publishing this book in 2013, the author went an extra mile to create an eBook for his readers. This book is all about how to effectively assemble the table tennis table and the best service and receive drills. If you love this book, it’s absolutely free, and it’s completely packed with the table tennis assembling tactics all the relevant exercises that will help you boost your table tennis matches alongside developing your tactics.
  2. Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice ( Mathew Syed) – This was among the most popular instructional book on table tennis in 2018. Being the former expert table tennis player, Mathew investigates the myth of talent as well as the power of practice by use of examples from his past experiences as a table tennis player. The book has greatly inspired many people whose aim is to invest in table tennis playing career and even coaches. It gives a very clear guide on how to assemble the game and the tactics to use for one to enjoy it. In fact, it’s difficult to come across a table tennis instructional book with inspiring examples like this mainstream instructional book.
  3. Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers (Larry Hodges) – If you were to believe what is said about playing table tennis, you are most likely to believe the story being told by the coach himself. Having been written by a coach, this is the only instructional book that focuses on assembling tactics of the game. Larry has been a table tennis coach for long, which has equipped him with a wealth of experience on all parts of the game, from assembling the table to the game itself. If you have had a vision of possessing the strokes and techniques of assembling the table tennis table and becoming a top player, Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers will be the perfect book for you.
  4. Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros (Dora Kurimay) – This is one of the greatest books that look at the mental abilities one needs to become a table tennis pro. In her book, Kurimy says that a successful table tennis player starts on the table assembling, before moving on to playing the game. She emphasizes on the point that we often forget on the mental aspects of table tennis and focus more on other elements such as the speed, techniques, and spinning. The book mainly focuses on how to assemble the table tennis table like a pro. This is definitely a must read a book for those wishing to become professional table tennis players.
  5. Ping Pong for fighters (Tahl Leibovitz) – Would you like to know how to play the ping pong warm-up game like professional? Then this is the perfect book for you. It’s all about the different aspects that are attached to table tennis. The best thing in it is that the reader learns through Tahl’s 20 years experience in playing table tennis. He writes it in a conversation style, which makes it more helpful in directing you through table tennis philosophy.

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