The Truth About Fast Foods

OK. So, you have heard rumors before about how the hamburgers in fast food restaurants are made but have you ever taken the time to really research the subject? Well, I have done it for you and allow me to tell you, I have not had a fast food hamburger in eons, nor have I fed them to my family.

In today’s “time crunch” society, one out of every four Americans eats at a fast food place. We reward our children by taking them to eat at a fast food place so they can get their “free” toy; but did you also know that approximately in the past 30 years the percentage of obese people has doubled?

We forget for some reason, that our children’s arteries can suffer the same damage as ours, we seem to think that because they are young they are immune to health issues. I have seen children who basically live off fried foods have an extremely high cholesterol lab result, always supported by their parents.
One of American’s great staple, besides the hot dog, is the hamburger! The fast food places advertise being cheap and with the serious economic condition of the great majority of the population, that is the place to go; but, studies have shown that low-income families that frequent fast food places are more likely to turn obese, this is due to the high fat, high sodium, high sugar contents that those hamburgers are carrying.

Are you also aware that those hamburgers are made up of byproducts or do you think that the hooves, ears, heads and whatnot’s of the cattle are disposed of? Think again.
Now, regarding those patties, although they come from cattle, the meat from those cattle may originate in foreign countries in South American and travel their way up gathering a mixture of meats from different countries until it reaches the US. It’s no wonder that sometimes those patties will be contaminated with E-coli or salmonella.

We know for a fact that people who become vegetarians have a lower mortality rate than those who are eating highly saturated fats, animal protein, high sodium content and processed meats. If we learn to eat properly, we can get the nutrients our bodies need from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Studies keep showing us that it is not about “dieting” it is not about a fad; it is about changing our lifestyle so we can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

How to Eat Out Fast Food Style?
It is a relief to know that you can eat out and still have a healthy meal. Let’s start with the fast food chains that are notorious for adding the unwanted inches. Although eating at a fast food restaurant is, for the most part, a big “no-no” and if you have a personal trainer he or she would probably make you pay in your next workout for eating there. A grilled chicken salad is generally an option. Next on the line would be a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. And absolutely NO French Fries! Stay away from the fries. A sandwich is a good option – just be sure to stay away from the mayonnaise and cheese.